Zipper Ripper

(4.22) 7358 Ratings

Double IPA brewed with Amish Wildflower Honey - 8.5% ABV

Rumspringa presents a certain excitement that, for a select few, can't be contained. Well, if that’s the case then pass that Pennsylvania Dutch this way my mans. Stickier than Wildflower Honey, Zipper Ripper forces a true moral conundrum upon the young and able. Do you stay home, rinsing and repeating through the daily motions, or do you succumb to temptation and set out to see a world that's not yet familiar?

With enough hops to stagger your herd, this DIPA encourages all exploratory endeavors but begs to ask just one question. "Are you churning your own butter over there or are you just happy to see me?"