Our 2nd annual Dragonsaddle Day – a celebration of killer music and some of our more heralded libations - is back on September 22nd, 2018 and this time we ain’t pullin no punches. We've got some new beers coming your way, a whole new lineup of killer bands, and a "Friends and Co-Conspirators" beer fest portion featuring some of the best breweries in the biz. RIDE THE DRAGON!

This is a ticketed event, and you must be 21 years of age to enter. No children or pets will be permitted to attend this event. Draft will be limited to on-site consumption only so no growler fills. Please remember to bring a paper or mobile ticket with barcode and a valid drivers license or state ID.

Ticket Tiers

Music Only Tickets ($29.99)

Just like last year, HHB has amassed a raw, hi-energy reservoir of musicians to up the ampage. If you're looking to come out to drink some killer draft beer and listen to music, Music Festival Only tickets are the way for you. Let's get to know some of these bad mofo's!

Dinosaur Jr (3:30pm-4:45pm)
The legendary indie rock group from Amherst, MA, Dinosaur Jr is back with a vengeance touting the original lineup of J Mascis, Low Barlow (Sebadoh, Folk Implosion), and Murph on the skins. An absolute house-favorite of the crew at HHB, we couldn't be more excited to have these boys up on stage and melting everyone's collective face!

Beggars (12:00pm-12:45pm)
For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of seeing Beggars around Columbus, imagine trying to catch a flaming cannonball in winter mittens while guiding a sled full of hell-dogs. These dudes are straight downhill rock and fucking roll. Wear yr cups!

Connections (1:00pm-1:45pm)
Well versed in the art of can't-quit-me hooks and no bulls&%t songwriting, it's tough to not acknowledge their Dayton roots w/ the canned Guided By Voices comparison. But if that's your angle, know that the accolades are well-deserved. Stripped down structure with layers of fuzz'd guitars atop a bed of lo-fi expertise.

Vacation (2:00pm-2:45pm)
Cincy based punk-rockers, Vacation have as deft a touch for melody as they do noise and raw emotion. Take dad's chainsaw through grandma's bubblegum-pop 8 track player and mom won't mind a bit.

Music + Beer Allocation Tickets ($34.99)

Last year saw the first release of the instant-crowd favorite, our first double-mashed 14% Imperial Stout we call Bourbon Barrel Aged Fitness Freak. This year it's back but with some brand new friends. DSD 2018 marks the premier of Bourbon Barrel Aged Girth Brooks (15% Double Mashed Imperial Stout brewed with Hoof Hearted Coffee, Vanilla, and toasted Coconut) and the premiere of our first Puncheon conditioned mixed culture beer in 500mL format. And it wouldn't be a party without the one and only Dragonsaddle Triple IPA. To reserve an allocation of all 4 packaged beers during the festival, you'll want to purchase either Music + Beer Allocation or King Ding-A-Ling Tickets. See the Purchasing Your Allocation section below for more details.

DSD Beer Allocation

King Ding-A-Ling Tickets ($104.99)
Music + Beer Allocation + Guest Brewery Tasting

And if that's not enough for you (and we know it isn't), this year will see a new wrinkle in the fold - a "Friends and Co-Conspirators" portion that will play out like a mini-beer festival. We have some of our favorite partners-in-crime sending some hyper-saxxual suds our way to help get the party moving. Most of these breweries don't have distribution in the state of Ohio, so this is you're only chance to try some super-fresh suds on draft. Made available ONLY to those who purchase one of the 400 King Ding-A-Ling tickets, the lucky few will reserve their allocation of cans for the day AND receive access to rare pours from the following breweries:

18th Street (Hammond, Indiana) • Bissell Brothers (Portland, Maine) • Burial (Asheville, North Carolina) • Great Notion (Portland, Oregon) • Green Bench (St Petersburg, Florida) • Horus Aged Ales (Oceanside, California) • Jackie O's (Athens, Ohio) • J. Wakefield (Miami, Florida) • Mikkeller NYC (Queens, New York) • Other Half (Brooklyn, New York) • Oxbow (Portland, Maine) • RAR Brewing (Cambridge, Maryland) • Three Floyds (Muenster, Indiana)


Parking at Hoof Hearted Brewing is expressly prohibited on the day of the festival. Parking will be reserved for musical acts, buses, and emergency vehicles only. Keeping the parking lot clear at Hoof Hearted Brewing will ensure buses can move fluidly getting people to/from the festival grounds in a timely manner.

The good people at Cardinal Camping Center have been gracious enough to provide us parking on their grounds. Please be respectful and follow the direction of the parking attendants by parking vehicles in an appropriate manner. Be aware that parking lines are not painted on the lot. We do ask that you park in an orderly fashion to ensure we fit as many onto the lot as needed.

The Cardinal Camping Center is located west of I-71 on US61. Signs will be posted at the entrance of the Camping Center and parking attendees will direct traffic in the designated parking lot. Any parking outside of the designated parking area is prohibited and violators will be towed. Though there will be ample parking we do recommend car-pooling to minimize parking foot print. Please see the map below.

Directions from I-71

Exploded View of Parking Lot & Instructions


All attendees will be transported from the Cardinal Camping Center to Hoof Hearted Brewing via shuttle buses. Buses will start running promptly at 8:30am. There will be multiple shuttle buses running simultaneously to ensure that all patrons arrive in a timely manner. Please be patient and follow the direction of bus attendant(s). It may take 1-2 hours to transport the entire volume of people to the festival entrance. Consumption of alcoholic beverages on the buses is strictly prohibited.


Ticketing check-in will begin promptly at 8:30am.

After parking at the Cardinal Camping Center, attendees will load onto one of the shuttle buses to be dropped off at the brewery. Both digital and paper tickets will be checked in at the brewery entrance and attendees will be given a wristband and other festival items based on their type of ticket.

The wrist bands signify the check-in has been completed and are required to be worn during the festival. Do not remove the wrist band during the festival! Anyone caught without a wristband will be forced to leave the premises.

Security @ HHB

Security guards will meet attendees at the entrance of the festival. Please be prepared for bags and purses to be searched. Any illegal substances or weapons will be confiscated. Remember, you must have a wristband to be able to enter the premises that day, no exceptions.

Purchasing Your Allocation

Your allocation will be secured on the back of a refrigerated truck on-site at HHB. To pay for the allocation, please proceed to the table in front of the "reefer" truck where an employee from HHB will be able to take payment and dole out your allocations to you. We will not be holding beer on the truck after receiving payment like last year. Be prepared to take your allocation upon payment.

For attendees who decide to purchase their allocations early in the day, we suggest bringing a cooler to keep your beer away from excessive heat.

Other Pertinent Info